Our Top 5 Board Games to entertain the kids during the Corona Virus Outbreak.

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Want to keep the little ones entertained during the Covid-19 outbreak? 

Obviously, COVID-19 is devastating in every sense and a scourge no one would ever wish on our world. So many people are understandably anxious about their health, their livelihood, their childcare situation, and the economy. However, within this mix of uncertainty and negativity, there’s one profound blessing to note: the extended period of time many of us are now spending with our families.

Here are our 5 top rated games to play with the kids during the COVID-19 outbreak:

1.  Spot It : Classic Bilingual

Spot it!, a.k.a. Dobble, is a simple pattern recognition game in which players try to find an image shown on two cards. Each card in original Spot it! features eight different symbols, with the symbols varying in size from one card to the next. Any two cards have exactly one symbol in common. For the basic Spot it! game, reveal one card, then another. Whoever spots the symbol in common on both cards claims the first card, then another card is revealed for players to search, and so on. Whoever has collected the most cards when the 55-card deck runs out wins!

2. Dixit:

Dixit is a card game created by Jean-Louis Roubira, illustrated by Marie Cardouat, and published by Libellud. Using a deck of cards illustrated with dreamlike images, players select cards that match a title suggested by the "storyteller", and attempt to guess which card the "storyteller" selected. The game was introduced in 2008. Dixit won the 2010 Spiel des Jahres award. The game's title is the Latin word for "he/she/it said".


3. Dinosaur Snakes and Ladders:


A dinosaur themed twist on the classic Shoots and Ladders Game. Dinosaur Snakes and Ladders is loads of prehistoric fun for young paleontologists. Players use their counting skills as they race to be the first to reach the prized Triceratops skull.  Great fun for dinosaur fan in your life. For ages 3 and up and for 3-6 players.

*Princess Snakes and Ladders also available for all the girls.

4. Family Charades Compendium:

Family Charades In-A-Box Compendium is a party game that has been honoured with a Learning Magazine 2013 Teachers' Choice Award for the Family, which means it's been game tested and approved by families! In one big box you get six age appropriate themes with both easy and challenging charades for different interests.


5.  Game Kids Scavenger Hunt Outset

Kids Scavenger Hunt is an active play game for indoors or outdoors.  This means that children can play rain or shine!  Kids actively seek objects based on the cards in their hand.  The first team to collect all the clues is crowned the winner.

Do you have a game that you love to play with the kiddies? Let us know in the comments!


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