Baby Born So Soft Touch Boy

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BABY born Boy is so cute! Only just born, and already this little sunbeam is melting hearts here, there and everywhere. His nine features, none of which require batteries, make the mother-child role play even more exciting and realistic. He can drink from his bottle and eat his BABY born porridge from his plate using a spoon. And whatever goes in, needs to come out again of course: he can wet his nappy and go potty for peeing and pooing by click.

The BABY born Boy can move his arms, legs and head and loves spending time in the water. From time to time he cries real tears, when he gets tired from all the playing. But if you give him his dummy, he will quickly close his eyes and peacefully fall asleep.

- BABY born Interactive Boy with body and hat
- 1 plate with 1 spoon
- 1 portion of porridge
- 1 bottle
- 1 potty
- 1 nappy
- 1 dummy with 1 dummy chain
- 1 birth certificate
- 1 friendship bracelet each for the girl and her doll

- With nine lifelike functions for even greater fun
- No batteries required