Crystal Hall Board Game


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Crystal Hall is the magical strategy game that encourages players to lead their wizard-shaped counters around the hall in a quest to uncover the four magical crystals that are hidden among the 36 face-down tiles. To win the game, you need to collect 4 Crystals of Power, each of a different color. To do so, you must position your wizards so that they are on a tile showing a Crystal of Power at the start of your turn.

Each turn is comprised of 4 phases: Gather, Magic, Discovery and Draw. In the Magic Phase, you are given 4 units of Magic Power which you can use to move your wizards and attack others. Certain magic tiles can increase or reduce this total.

During the game, wizards flip a multitude of magic tiles to discover curses, potions, spells, Crystals of Power and other surprises. During the Draw Phase, you get a spell card, which can help you with your quest.

Do you have what it takes to be the most powerful wizard in the Crystal Hall?