Gift Set Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle (scale 1 : 48)
Gift Set Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle (scale 1 : 48)

Gift Set Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle (scale 1 : 48)

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Scope of delivery:
- Plastic model kit (not assembled)
- Pictured, multilingual assembly instructions
- Decals for detailed design
- Paints (Revell Aqua Colour) for authentic painting
- Brushes for precise painting
- Adhesive (Revell Contacta Professional Mini) for stable assembly

Special features:
- Detailed reproduction of the lunar module consisting of landing stage and ascent module (upper stage).
- Structured ascent module modelled after the original.
- Includes control jets, antennas and a realistic landing frame.
- Gangway and ladder for an even more authentic look.
- Decals for the landing ferry to help you bring your model to life.

Background information:
When Neil Armstrong uttered the historic words, "Houston, this is Tranquillity Base," on July 20, 1969. The Eagle has landed." transmitted, a new chapter in the history of mankind was opened. With this model kit, you can recreate this groundbreaking event and immortalize a piece of space history in your own four walls. Whether you are an avid modeler or a fan of space history, this kit will fascinate you.